Fazup is proud to be able to protect you today from radiation from your mobile phone, and tomorrow from many other types of devices. Choose your design or create your own unique style! See positioning guide video See your mobile position guide. You would like to monetise your web traffic efficiently and to differentiate yourself with a unique and essential product. Utile, durable et accessible, cette bonne attention marquera le coup.

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This is a free international guarantee. There are two types of Sony ericsson yendo w150i pc suite boxes: Fazup Family Contains 4 Fazup Silver patches as well as fricsson positioning cases adapted to all of our compatible models of mobile phones.

The box distributed in our online shop is slimmer as it contains only the positioning case that corresponds to your particular mobile phone.

Our service includes all or part of delivery costs and the custom charges as well as the administrative costs related to your order. My orders My credit slips My addresses My personal info.

I sincerely recommend it, this product changed my life! Le prix applicable au client est celui en vigueur lors de la commande. This decision came following a close scrutiny of several hundred epidemiological studies on the subject that found a possible link between the use of mobile phones and the presence of certain cancers for example, there is a greater risk of gliomas linked to the use of a mobile phone for 30 minutes a day over a ten year period.

Sophie Macheteau 06 65 41 85 77 sophie sony ericsson yendo w150i pc suite. Available soon 2 – Health and radiation, where do you stand? Furthermore, people will be reminded sony ericsson yendo w150i pc suite you each time they see their Fazup on their mobile! Choose your design or create your own unique style! T ous nos accessoires sont compatibles avec la technologie Fazup! Solution anti piratage et spam. Mes commandes Mes avoirs Mes adresses Mes informations personnelles.

Beyond our numerous scientific tests confirming the reduction of mobile radiation, we wanted to understand the impact of this reduction on the well-being of smartphone users.

The resin dome will enhance your personalised choice by giving it depth and a slight looking glass appearance! Fazup continues to focus on research and development to extend its range sony ericsson yendo w150i pc suite products in order to protect against most common sources of electromagnetic radiation to which we are regularly exposed.

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Fazup – le patch anti ondes qui vous protège des ondes de votre mobile ! – Fazup

A gift that is both smart and useful and that will be well appreciated and used for a long time! For this reason, Fazup can protect without exposing other body zones to radiation, or exposing other persons in your immediate vicinity.

You would like to introduce your clients, your community and your network to Fazup. The Specific Absorption Rate SAR of your mobile phone is the internationally recognised measure of your maximum exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Invalid Name Invalid e-mail address Message send! The box distributed sony ericsson yendo w150i pc suite retail outlets yejdo I keep my fingers crossed… Moreover, my ear is not heating anymore and my internal ear is not sonj me neither. If you are interested in distributing Fazup products in your retail outlet or online website, contact us.

Fazup is a registered trademark. This measure indicates the amount of energy that your sony ericsson yendo w150i pc suite and your head absorb when using your handset. There is cause for concern as practically everyone owns a mobile phone. SAR Specific Absorption Rate is the international standard that quantifies the maximum quantity of energy absorbed by your body and gendo when using a telephone.

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Fazup as a gift Fazup is the ideal gift! The objective of Fazup is to become the international market leader for protection against electromagnetic radiation thanks to the quality of its technological innovations.

Note that the level of radiation of your mobile phone can vary from 1 to depending on the levels of reception. Nevertheless, depending on the sony ericsson yendo w150i pc suite of your mobile erricsson, it may eriscson possible to peel off the patch and reposition it quite easily i.