Contact your sales representative for color samples. Other types of dry marker boards are also available, such as high gloss vinyl and coated paper , which can be rolled up, high-density two-part high gloss paints, glass and coated acrylics and polypropylene magic whiteboards which use static electricity to cling to walls, windows, and doors. Retrieved 21 October Toronto Star , November 12, Dry-erase marker ink can be wiped off easily with a dry cloth or standard eraser. Enameled whiteboards, also referred to as porcelain, and sometimes glass boards, have the advantage that markings can be erased completely; other materials tend to become stained over time. Cognitive mapping research has shown that the physical process of writing and diagramming helps people learn and recall information.

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The ceramic finish is fused to the steel at a temperature in the range of — o C — o F.

Enameled boards are more expensive and less used in commercial environments, but in more demanding environments with heavier use, such as educational establishments, porcelain boards are considered superior. They polyvision interactive whiteboard generally manufactured from technical glass, e. The polyvislon is very intuitive, and the help system describes the most common tasks with video demonstrations. Incorporating whiteboards into project rooms, training rooms or classrooms can allow individuals to brainstorm, communicate their thoughts and share ideas with others.

CeramicSteel becomes public art that anchors the new library.

Alliance now known as PolyVision produced enameled steel for architectural cladding, but Stallion noted it could polyvision interactive whiteboard potentially be used as a writing surface. PolyVision a 3 CeramicSteel gives architects and fabricators a top-class look paired with versatility and enduring strength.


This product is available in three colors, multiple gloss levels and customizable with logos or graphic. In fact, its durability has made it the surface of choice for the manufacture of interactive whiteboards. Retrieved 24 Polyvision interactive whiteboard Its ultra smooth writing surface enables dry erase markers to glide easily across the surface with minimal friction, eliminating ghosting and improving erasability.

Such “virtual whiteboards” allow whiteeboard or more people to write or draw images on a simulated canvas. By closing this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy unless you have disabled them in your browser settings. Clear marker surfaces, made of glass or specially polyvision interactive whiteboard acrylic, became available around the mids.

The term whiteboard is also used metaphorically to refer to features of computer software applications that simulate whiteboards. Contact us about FluidMath: FluidMath makes even the polyvision interactive whiteboard basic algebra more dynamic, and has applications all the way through calculus.

It refuses stains and is colorfast.

Smart Boards | Are you sure which smart board is right for you?

Teachers haven’t been left out, with potential PD opportunities and training available online. Although adhesive whiteboard material does not come in a thick, hard glass or painted steel plate, the melamine allows for a flexible material interzctive preserving the high-quality whiteboard attributes of other surface materials. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We use cookies to make this site as useful as possible and maximize your experience.

For teachers, it is designed to polyvision interactive whiteboard in creating dynamic instructional materials for the classroom providing engaging learning experiences. Accurate interactiive of handwritten math Numeric and symbolic calculator functionality Interactive creation and exploration of graph Animate hand-drawn diagrams by associating math and sketches Alignment with the Common Core Standards Click here to see the FluidMath Whitwboard to learn polyvision interactive whiteboard Platforms: This article needs additional citations for verification.

PolyVision | Ceramic Steel Panels & Writing Surface Materials

Strong, wuiteboard and enduring, it will neither scratch nor corrode. From chalkboard and whiteboard surfaces in more than 8, classrooms to architectural cladding in train and metro stations, tunnels, hotels and hospitals, PolyVision CeramicSteel spans more than million square meters 2 billion square feet of architecture around the polyvision interactive whiteboard. Click here to find out what other educators are saying about FluidMath.

By closing this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy unless you have disabled them in your browser settings. Whiteboard material can be bought in rolls, sheets, and pre-formed boards.

Polyvision interactive whiteboard has clearly been put together with students in mind, offering an exciting means whiteboadr speeding polyvision interactive whiteboard and animating otherwise rote tasks.

CeramicSteel is one of the polyvision interactive whiteboard durable surfaces available, combining the best qualities of porcelain and steel to create a surface that is unmatched in the poylvision.

Retrieved 21 October In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is safe and clean, and emits no harmful chemicals into the environment.

Cheaper versions were then produced, including laminated chipboard, high-pressure laminates and steel boards with a white, usually polyester or acrylic, coating.

As a result, cleaning is easier, maintenance is minimal and life polyvision interactive whiteboard costs are dramatically reduced.

Dry-erase marker ink can be wiped off easily with a dry cloth or standard eraser. Polypropylene film has the ability to get statically charged which enable users to cling it to every surface.

Support has been great too, with a rapid development polyvision interactive whiteboard that relies on teacher feedback.

This is a common feature of many virtual meeting, collaborationand instant messaging applications. Resistant to scratches, stains and bacteria PolyVision e 3 CeramicSteel is polyvision interactive whiteboard surface of choice for classrooms around the world. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Whiteboards.