Peter March 19, at 1: It is possible your Graphics Drivers may need to be updated. Bluestacks installation errors including graphics card incompatibility issue Mike Bluestacks Installation Comments 21, Views. Muke March 18, at Muke May 3, at I had bluestacks on my last laptop and did not had any problems with installing. Download bluestack from http:

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Mustafa Jamil April 23, at 7: Share it on sites dell e551a visited if it works for you too! We are trying to find an easier way to get away with this limitation. Muke March dell e551a, at 3: Where we can just run Whatsapp not any other android application. Please contact support bluestacks.

Install latest drivers for your graphics card. Hey when i try to download bluestacks it say i need to update my graphic card and reinstaill it and which i did but it wont work! On my computer it keep showing the the graphic card driver is not up to date.

Hardik Bhatt February 1, at 5: Rescued April 5, at 7: Try it if you want fileml. In order to fix this problem, uninstall the other dell e551a and install bluestacks. I dell e551a I will appropriately reciprocate. dell e551a

Bluestacks installation errors including graphics card incompatibility issue

There are two things possible. Please see if you can find latest drivers for your card. Although Bluestacks might not need that great graphics capabilities, the android apps dell e551a will run on it will demand it. Can you tell me what is your graphic card model? I have Windows dell e551a and I downloaded Bluestacks and tried installing it. Yash Chavda September 13, at 6: It starts and half way through I get an error saying bluestacks failed to install.

I would really appreciate your help. Can Bluestacks run all apps on a college wifi network…It shows this error…. Ganesh September 1, cell dell e551a During installation I get the following message.

If graphics card drivers are listed as one of the available updates, you should apply these updates. It seems the problem is with the OS. It says Please install 2 gb dell e551a memory.

Rani June 10, at 1: Dell e551a of now that graphics card is not supported. I have the same dell e551a. Kishore February 11, at 6: Those who had success are the people either with high-end graphics cards or with external graphics card such dell e551a NVidia. My laptop is new and has got proper graphic card and enough RAM.

Select run this program for Windows 7 and it should work fine. Sankalp April 14, at 9: I have updated my driver for my graphics card which is: I have a Toshiba Satellite A Nitin May 2, at 8: Janus Joshua March 31, at 8: A network error occurred while attempting to read dell e551a the file C: