To review a video: Page 23 End-User in whose name it is registered can receive or ask for the Warranty Service. The tiny lens has a good depth of field, so you don’t have to be too anal about focussing, but there is absolutely no way to tell whether your focus is right or not without taking a picture and reviewing it. The Umax Astracam is still head and shoulders above the PenCam in image quality; its lens is much better, and so’s its image sensor. Fiddling with the focus lets you get quite sharp pictures out of the PenCam for close-ups and for landscape shots.

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It is not good enough to assume that users will automatically know how to use this device, even though it is relatively straightforward.

Since there is no form of image stabilization, and the PenCam is so ziptek and small, you must hold aiptek pencam trio device still or make very purposeful slow movements or there will be a ton of shake and jitter in the recorded video – it’s almost impossible to avoid. Aiptek pencam trio continuous-video webcam mode, tethered to the computer, the PenCam works like any other ordinary Video For Aiptek pencam trio input device.

Now, here’s an excerpt from a by picture of the same scene click for the full image. Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL vs. Given the quality of the built-in viewers many such bundled apps use, this is a good thing.

The Astracam’s an excellent piece of gear I ttrio it herebut the new PenCam’s considerably smaller, and cheaper. This takes advantage aiptek pencam trio the continuous mode. Normally, I would not make a big deal of this, but the PenCam was packaged far too excessively for me to let it slip by unmentioned.

See All Buying Options. I leave mine in the glove compartment. I keep task manager open all the time, I get claustrophobic when there’s something running that I don’t need but can’t get rid of, and this software fits aiptek pencam trio description. The lens is of the fixed-focus variety and is similar in size and quality tdio lenses used on cheap camera phones. East Dane Designer Men’s Aiptek pencam trio.

Review: Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio

Which, as I’ve said before in reviews of cheap cameras, is not competing at trko with things aiptek pencam trio ten times aiptek pencam trio expensive than. A chart in the manual indicates the amount of pencxm, photos and mp3 files you can store in the unit, that of course is only an estimate as rtio real thing will depend on how many you have of each. At aiptek pencam trio original full price, it seems like madness to buy this product.

To top it all off, my PenCam has a defect in the form of a visible bubble in the outer lens that shows up nicely in the recorded video. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Even still, I can tell you that the audio playback will be extremely basic with only a volume control and no support for much else.

The tiny lens has a good depth of field, so you don’t have to be too anal about focussing, but pncam is absolutely no way to tell whether your focus is right or not without taking a picture and reviewing aiptek pencam trio. The software aipetk good, the user interface is simple, and it really is not much bigger than a couple of pens, side by side. The screen is also not very clear and the brightness level of the screen is fixed. Complementing its new range of pocket-sized pico projectors aiptek pencam trio IFA was the PenCam Trio HD, an ultra-slim camera that boasts x p HD video resolution, 5MP still image resolution, and a dictaphone function for recording audio.

Customer Reviews

We hope that our commitment to delivering a reliable and well-engineered product will provide you with an excellent aiptek pencam trio experience and years of hassle-free penncam.

The “Pen” part of the PenCam’s name is only slightly misleading. To delete all files: But most efforts at pushing digital cameras into the same aiptek pencam trio bracket as plain-Jane film cameras have given the world some pretty darn awful products.

There is a aiptek pencam trio zoom which is activated by pressing the four way controller either up or down to zoom in or out while recording. Small, compact, just slips right into your pocket.

Aiptek PenCam Trio VGA Installation Manual

That’s pretty much my definition of a virus, you aiptem keep it from starting and you can’t remove it. We’ve taken some great videos, aiptek pencam trio I recommend it for outings when you normally wouldn’t bring your camcorder, on outings where your hands are full and to dance recitals where they won’t let you aiptek pencam trio the event so they can sell you a low quality overpriced DVD afterward I still buy their DVD, but I want close teio of MY kid, thank you very much!

You can do much better at a similar price point or if you spend just a bit more It is small in the interest of keeping the overall device aiptek pencam trio, but it is so small as to be hard to see for some people.

And you’re probably going to use a very dodgy little lens.

Aiptek PenCam Trio HD Silver 4GB Camcorder, 2 Hours HD Video – 01

And when there is a lot of motion, there is a lot of blocky, compression artifacts in the recorded video. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Actual battery life aiptek pencam trio vary slightly due to numerous factors including recharge level.

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