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Acer Service Manuals and Documentation

Camilo March 23, Carolyn Montes January 22, The AC-adapter is not working. Mike, Can you access the wireless card? My laptop is not downloaf the screen is completely blank. Skip to Main Content. So when i took it on my hands i started visual examination for any damages and accidently pressed the main start button.

Did anyone find out how to access the hard drive on an acer aspire ? Could be something wrong with the motherboard. Anyway, test the laptop with an external aspite. Any help or advice would be greatly acer aspire 4520 manual pdf download.

Download this utility, create a bootable floppy or CD disk and boot the laptop from it. George Henry September 27, Thanks for the link.

Acer Worldwide – Select your local country or region

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. Where is the other RAM slot?

I believe it is just a bad connection. Derek Ngion October 14, Can you get video on the acer aspire 4520 manual pdf download monitor? I think it may have overheated?? All the fans start up and the hard drive acer aspire 4520 manual pdf download the screen flickers a few times before turning off. Overtime a wireless card connector pins can get oxidized and have to be cleaned.

Sounds like the power jack related problem. How to troubleshoot and fix laptop video problems. Maybe you are closing them with your lap? Test headphones with another computer. I would try reconnecting the video cable on both ends. It did not run on battery when AC adapter is unplugged now though it was working before windows crashed and I reinstalled xp professional.

In order for the laptop to find the plug, I would have to move the AC adapter tip around, but it would have to be still. Bre April pd, I wrote back in March 29th asking about how to remove the hard drive on a travelmate I removed both the memory modules and I found that when I tested both that they are both bad. It will acer aspire 4520 manual pdf download power the laptop up now at all. If the LCD just is not bright enough check the power management software. Format it with NTFS.

Peter April 18, Service says it need motherboard replacement — how come I should pay if it is working with old battery?

Main on-off button led stays on. Ponchus April 8, Lala November 3, Just remove it from the slot and put it back. Try reinstalling the audio driver on your laptop. The fan should start spinning before the laptop shuts down.

Hi could someone help me have been looking all over the net for a backdoor bios acer aspire 4520 manual pdf download for my acer travelmate lc laptop. FIona March 25, But when it came to the turn of home edition, i tried doing the same going to where explorer. I have an Acer Ferrari Yes I did try hooking up an external keyboard and mouse.

Jose December 29, Also, let me know why my laptop will only work in safe mode. Everything would be erased if you re-image the drive.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Or could suggest some others web sites where i could find forums on acer aspire turing on problems? Try take out the Wireless card from acerr Laptop and your laptop goes turn on. I presume you lift out the keyboard and work from there.